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The Milky Way

Residencial Complex


Contrôler  Innover  Exploiter  Capitaliser

An ecotopian futurist city for dung beetles

D Tour, Sauk county, Wisconsin, October 2016


Contemporary researchers believe dung beetles could significantly reduce methane emissions by burrowing, spreading and burying cow dungs. The Nouveau Ministère de l’Agriculture is creating a ecotopian bioremediation housing complex as well as a advertisement campaign to attract dung beetles to Sauk county. Known to navigate the world by looking at the Milky way, their housing complex replicate the celestial shape with their favorite meal.

In order to insure our dairy needs in the future, The Nouveau Ministère de l’Agriculture propose a new residential development. A dung beetle megalopolis facilitating large scale industrial breeding. We are calling it the Milky Way Complex as the dung ball fabricating beetle orients himself with our galaxy. In a near future the Milky Way complex will process thousands of tons of manure a day reducing the methane production of our milk!



Dung beetles are a broad family of scarabs that feed on dung. They roll balls of dung and bury them in the ground after having introduced an egg in it. The larva grows feeding on this habitat until it’s ready to hatch. By dispersing the dung and burying it, the dung beetle aerates the soil and fertilises it. Finally by taking the dung apart, the reduce the number of parasites that can nest in dung (like flies).

In recent years it has been found that the burying action of dung beetles is extremely beneficial to climate change.“By simply digging through, or tunneling through, cow patties, dung beetles aerate them and reduce methane,” P.J. Liesch, extension entomologist at the University of Wisconsin in Madison’s Department of Entomology, said.

Dung beetles have been successfully introduced in Australia to break down cow patties. The cows themselves had been brought to Australia, and the local dung beetle were not adapted to that type of manure.

Dung beetles exist on all continents and in Wisconsin. The dung beetle is in danger because of the antibiotics, pesticides and chemicals present in some of contemporary farming practices.


It has been discovered a few years ago that the dung beetle is the only known creature to orient itself with the milky way. It was previously believed he oriented himself with the sun.




The residential complex for dung beetles has the shape of the Milky Way. It is 70 yards wide. The 

Spiral arm is 210 yards long. It is made with 204 cubic yards of local manure.




Along the DTour, a few billboards announce the new urban development and it's goals. (Images on the left and above).



The New Ministry of Agriculture will inaugurate the new infrastructure on the first opening day of the DTour October 1rst 2016. We will include the cutting of a ribbon and a speech.


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